Dinner Theater Auditions

Aug. 5, 2014
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dinner theater
Memories Dinner Theater in port Washington is hosting auditions for its upcoming season. The season includes three comedies. Harris Cashes Out (Oct. 31 – Nov. 9) is the story of a down-on-his-luck composer and lyricist who encounters a woman living down the hall from him. The Londos D’Arrigo comedy had its world premiere last year in Michigan. Also included on the season are a couple of proven comedies: Neil Haven’s Stuck (Feb. 13 - 22 of next year)—the story about a charming agoraphobic elevator operator who actually lives in the elevator and the Yuper comedy classic Escanaba In Da Moonlight (March 13 - 22.)

It’s been fun seeing a couple of different actresses play the female lead in Haven’s Stuck in years past. He’s developed a really charming character with interesting quirks that can be fun for an actress to interact with. It’s the kind of comic role that could probably be played a number of drastically different ways that would still suit the character and the script quite well.

As I am someone who has grown-up in Northeastern Wisconsin, the specific accent of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is one that I’m exceedingly familiar with. Jeff Daniels’ Yuper comedy Escanaba In Da Moonlight has a language that is quite specific to that accent. It’s not a real common accent, though and it can be very, very difficult for actors to get a handle on. I remember hearing one director of a past production tell me that his cast was even doubtful such an accent really existed. Trust me: it’s up there. People actually talk like that. If your accent’s even a little off, it’ll sound really, really strange to anyone in an audience from northeastern Wisconsin. If you can sound convincingly Yuper, I’m sure you’ve got a solid chance at this one.

Auditions for all three shows take place on this coming Sept. 7. For more information, visit Memories Ballroom online.


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