What Will the New John Doe Document Dump Reveal?

Aug. 8, 2014
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doe envelope
So I just got back from the Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel’s office, where the new John Doe docs are being provided—at a price. The cost of obtaining the flash drive with 14GB of material is $22.50, allegedly to cover the county’s cost to provide the flash drives. The aide distributing the flash drives said they are doing brisk business—14 in the first 14 minutes they were available. 

Think any of them were obtained by Walker’s attorney, Steve Biskupic?

I haven’t opened this envelope yet. The docs don’t include any emails, just documents, spreadsheets, etc., that were created or used by county employees working on taxpayer-purchased computers. These computers were seized by agents during the first John Doe investigation, which looked at nefarious activities that transpired within Walker’s county executive suite and by his staunchest political allies who also worked for the county.

I haven’t a clue what’s inside and I will need some strong coffee before I start working on this.

What’s on the flash drive? Let me know your best guesses.




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