Campfire Follies With Storyteller Theatre at SummerStage

Aug. 12, 2014
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Matt Zembrowiski’s Storyteller Theater returns this week with Campfire Follies. It’s a program of short scary stories told in a family-friendly tone. The group had done something like this before onstage at St. Thomas More High School. This week’s two-night-only program finds its way to a much more environmental space as it makes its way to an outdoor theater.

Campfire Follies finds Matt and Zach Zembrowski leading a host of others in a series of 9 different scary stories at Lapham Peak State Park in Delafield. Nigh will fall on the outdoor production, which will ideally feel like an amplified theatrical mutation of spooky stories told around a campfire.

Storyteller Theater – Creepy Campfire Follies runs Aug. 15 and 16 at Lapham Peak State Park’s SummerStage. For more information and ticket reservations, visit SummerStage online.


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