Watch IshDARR Take in Milwaukee in His "Better Life" Video

Aug. 25, 2014
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ishdarr the better life.widea
One of the most impressive debut rap releases of the year is a 93 'Til Infinity-inspired EP from a Milwaukee rapper who wasn't even alive to experience '93 firsthand. IshDARR released his The Better Life EP this spring just as he was graduating high school, vowing to spend the summer before college recording and promoting his music. As part of that push, the 17-year-old rapper filmed a video medley to accompany the EP. Premiered today on Hypetrack, the six-minute video accompanies clips from the EP with footage of IshDARR cruising the North Side, grubbing at Oakland Gyros, clocking time in the studio and taking in the city. Think of it as an abridged, visual version of the EP, of, if you haven't heard the EP yet, an introduction to a rapper very much worth being introduced to.

View it below.


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