Past Life Regression - addressed by Oprah on May 13th

May. 16, 2008
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Oprah had an interesting show regarding Past Life Regression this week.  She had Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters on the show. I was wanted to mention past life regression in my health blog since I have undergone past life regression myself many times over many years.  I have found it to be an amazing healing tool.

My first past life regression was in 1998, but I had been reading books on the subject a couple years before that. In other words, I was extremely interested in the topic.  The first book I ever read on the topic was Dr. Weiss' book mentioned above. It was very fascinating to me and I recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about the topic.

I was able to experience my past lives at the first attempt with a qualified hypnotherapist (I had visited one "quack" prior). This could be due to my belief that past lives are a possibility. I went into the appointment wanting to know the answers to a couple key questions.  "Why was my sister coughing?" and "Why would I pass out for no reason at all?" I got the answers to both these questions in my first session.

To skeptics I say hey, it's worth a shot.  Even if you do not believe in the concept in theory, when you are finished with the session, often times the symptoms are gone.  For example, I had been on medication to raise my blood pressure for 5 years. After finding out I was a concentration camp victim and wanted to pass out from starving on a boxcar (but I could not actually fall since all the bodies were crammed into the car in upright position), I no longer needed my medication to remain standing in this lifetime. Don't believe me? I know, it's really "out there."  Maybe it's true, maybe it's a bunch of hooey.  However, I don't really care because I don't have to take medication to raise my blood pressure anymore. Even if you don't believe in the idea of past lives, living through an experience, true or made up (whatever you need to believe) can help you.

I got the answer to that question and the one about my sister. Since then, I've discovered past connections with my mom, which explained a lot. I also found the reason for the self-sabotage in my personal relationships. In my heart I know I would never have married if I had not discovered information from two of my past lives.

If you are ever interested in a past life regression, the woman who helped me can be reached at DIANNA HAS MOVED OUT OF STATE AND RETIRED.  She is in the Chicago area. Dianna Cozzie has helped me and my family overcome many issues that would have normally taken years of therapy to probably not even address. Interestingly, Dr. Weiss mentions a similar observation of his patients in his book.

If you are interested in setting up a regression with Dianna, mention Sara's blog for an introductory rate. You will see results from the first session.

PS: If you use past life regression as a tool to come off meds, or avoid surgery, it is very necessary to keep your doctor in the loop.  Many medications have horrible side effects if you try to quit cold turkey. Please involve your doctor in any decision you may make involving discontinuation of treatments, before you discontinue.


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