Over 300,000 Very Attractive Readers

May. 18, 2008
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Dear Advertiser:

Shepherd Express readership has grown for the third consecutive reporting period according to The Media Audit, an independent third party audit bureau used by media and advertising agencies to survey the Milwaukee market.

Over 300,000 very attractive readers

The February/March 2008 Media Audit survey has been released, and overall readership of the Shepherd Express has increased to 287,200 people.Online readership of our ExpressMilwaukee.com website has increased by 48% in the past year, placing our total readership well above 300,000 adults in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington and Racine counties.

Affluent, educated, diverse, engaged, aware, involved, desirable, dynamic

Our readers are your customers.They shop where they live, and they pick up their weekly Shepherd Express at over 1,170 local retail outlets (not from street boxes, but from inside local businesses).

Whats changing at the Shepherd Express

Having conducted reader surveys, we are focusing our content creation and creative design to better meet our readers' needs.You'll see a new front page, new back page, and a more pleasing layout of features you've become familiar with over the past 26 years.

We are also focused on gaining stronger results for our advertisers.The Shepherd Express is marketing more to readers and conducting more street-level events to bring our advertisers more value for the dollars they choose to spend with us.Paying heed to the current economy, we have released a number of special sections and new rate programs for advertisers.

Its more than just the internet

In stark contrast to a nationwide decline in daily newspaper readerships, our weekly format is enjoying circulation and readership increases.Additionally, the median age of the Shepherd Express reader got younger, moving from 43 to 41 years of age, and our percentage of female readership has grown considerably.

The blend of News & Views, Arts & Entertainment, Dining and Music found in the Shepherd Express is used more often than any other source as a one-stop guide to Milwaukee.


Andy Vogel

VP, Advertising

Shepherd Express and ExpressMilwaukee.com




THE MEDIA AUDIT is a multimedia, qualitative audience survey that covers over 450 target items for each rated media's audience. These qualitative data points cover things such as socioeconomic characteristics, life styles, business decision makers, product purchasing plans, retail shopping habits, travel history, supermarket shopping, stores shopped, products purchased, fast-food restaurants eaten in, soft drink consumption, brands purchased, health insurance coverage, leisure activities, banks used, credit cards used and other selected consumer characteristics important to local media and advertisers.


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