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Jun. 3, 2008
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In last night's game, Bill Hall was booed when he was at-bat and the questioned is begged - Is it right to boo him?

I think I fall on the side of feeling the booing is legitimate. The guy is hitting horribly and rightfully got benched because of it. I feel this is akin to when Braun got say earlier in the season when he was swinging at anything thrown his way. He was pissed about it and took it to the media, which many feel is unprofessional.

I feel like Hall's handling of the situation is similar to a kid on the playground getting mad and saying "I'm taking my ball and going home." It's so petty and childish to get mad and then have your agent go to the media and ask for a trade.

I find the situation sad because Bill has been nothing but class with this organization and I feel this move is beneath him.

It seems the organization isn't a big fan of this move either, though they are talking a bit around it.

Bross said if Hall had to platoon, it would be best for him and the team if Hall was dealt to another club.

But general manager Doug Melvin is nowhere near ready to make a deal.

"I'm not really motivated to do that," Melvin said. "I'm motivated to make this club the best club I can; to make the postseason, and right now he's a part of that."


"Everybody wants to play every single day," Yost said. "The way you do that is you get out there and you produce and get the job done. If it doesn't (happen), we have to find ways to insert people that will do it.

"Does that mean I don't think Billy can get the job done? Absolutely (not), but it doesn't matter what I think until he starts producing against right-handed pitching."


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