t.A.T.u. and Other Weekend-Ready Music

Jun. 5, 2008
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Not that I could ever claim real t.A.T.u. fandom様ike most American listeners, I値l always view the duo as a novelty act傭ut I dismissed the group completely after their odd Sting-assisted, outer-space-romanticizing 2005 album, Dangerous and Moving. An old roommate of mine who majored in Russian made a strong case for the group痴 pop-cultural merits, though, so I was persuaded to give them a second chance and check out their new single, 220, and I致e got to admit, it痴 a pretty sharp dance-pop song. Here's the video for it, along with a handful of other videos bound to make your weekend a little better.

t.A.T.u. 220

Annie 的 Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me

Crystal Castles 鼎ourtship Dating

Kid Sister ft. Kanye West 撤ro Nails


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