Gods Do Karaoke for Umbrella Group

May. 30, 2015
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This coming Tuesday Umbrella Group will be celebrating its first successful year in existence with a fundraiser at the Milwaukee Beer Bistro. Gods of Karaoke II will feature a number of talented musical theater types vying for “The Birmingham Karaoke Award.” This year's talent includes Robby McGhee, Megan Kaminsky, Allison Pogorelc, Rachel Zientek and Alison Mary Forbes among others.

Comedy will be filtered into the mix by Dylan Bolin and Beth Lewinski. There will be music by Random Maxx.

Gods of Karaoke II will take place on June 2 at Milwaukee Beer Bistro on 2730 N. Humboldt Blvd. For ticket reservations, visit godsofkaraoke.bpt.me/.


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