The Last Violent Femmes Song?

Jun. 11, 2008
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The Violent Femmes have been on a bit of an ominous break lately, refusing to book any more shows while bassist Brian Ritchie takes guitarist Gordon Gano to court over royalties. All the acrimony and bitterness has led to speculation that the band is essentially done, so it's with some surprise that the original trio re-grouped to record (at Gnarls Barkley's request) a cover of the group's hit "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley made a nice little follow-up single by covering the Femmes' "Gone Daddy Gone," and wanted to return the favor.)

Violent Femmes fans shouldn't get their hopes up too much, though. In an e-mail to the Shepherd, honorary Femme Jeff Hamilton explains that this doesn't solve the band's woes:
i was selected to produce it and perform w/ the trio (mandolin, surf guitar, vocals), along w/ john sparrow (the danglers) on cajon. we did a live take w/ the trio and added vocals/mixed it here in town. the track is coming out on vinyl only, this month. i do have copies in hand. i believe this may well be the last thing the original trio has recorded and quite possibly THE last thing the original 3 will ever record.
So there you have itthis track could be the Violent Femmes' last.


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