Injury updates

Jun. 16, 2008
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According to JSOnline, David Riske will be in Nashville starting today to start his rehab assignment. He should be back with the team and ready to go by the weekend.

J.J. Hardy has a strained rotator cuff. The article's a few days old and said he "might" be held out of the Twins series, which he was, so hopefully the rest helped and he'll be back in the lineup tonight.

The JSOnline article about Riske included the line "Former closer Eric Gagne, on the DL with a shoulder problem, is not even close to returning." The Brewers website said that Gagne threw from a mound in the bullpen and that it was his first time on the mound since mid-May. Who do you trust?


In non-injury news, Bill Hall heard the boos and didn't like them, but now wants to have fun.


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