Scott Walker’s Inadequate Answer on Immigration

Jul. 21, 2015
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Presidential candidate Scott Walker got blindsided in Iowa this weekend when an immigrant family from Waukesha confronted him about his hard-right stance on immigration. 

Walker’s been all over the map on immigration. He’s shown some support for immigrants when it suited him politically but he also decried "amnesty" and forced Wisconsin to join a lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama’s executive order to help keep families together when children are U.S. citizens. Obama’s plan, the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA), is currently held up in the courts. 

Which brings us back to Iowa. During his campaign stop, 13-year-old Leslie Flores confronted Walker about his stance on immigration and opposition to DAPA. 

“Do you want me to like come home and come from school and my dad get deported?” she asked the presidential wannabe. 

Walker, true to form, couldn’t handle going off script. He relied on tired talking points about not allowing the president to be “above the law,” then continued saying that he had nothing to do with a federal matter—which, when you consider Wisconsin’s involvement in the DAPA lawsuit, is pretty incredible. 

Walker should be embarrassed by his performance, but he’s likely proud of getting tough with a girl. The man simply has no empathy for others, nor can he handle life outside of his safe bubble. He only thinks about what will further his career. 

Here’s the video of his exchange with Leslie and her family.



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