Mojo Dojo Student Showcase at Month’s End

Jul. 24, 2015
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James Boland: the mind behind No Dice: Improv DnD has been teaching a course in comedy called Mojo Dojo. Knowing absolutely nothing about it, I can honestly say the class sounds interesting. Boland’s actually a very funny guy. I’ve seen him in a number of shows before. The graduates of his first ever “way of the crane” class will be presenting their skills in a program in which they probably won’t be breaking boards or walking on water or anything like that. But they’ll definitely be doing comedy. And perhaps we shall see whether the student truly has become...the master.

The student showcase will take place at ComedySportz Milwaukee on Friday, Jul. 31. 

Also from the comedy Dojo next month: ComedySportz present The Oracle: a show in which improv comedy is inspired by guest speakers. One of next month’s guests is dancer Christopher DeAngelo Gilbert. Some may know him as a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, but my four-year-old daughter probably knows him better as the guy in the Muno suit on the hipster kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba. 

The Mojo Dojo brings The Oracle to the stage of ComedySportz Milwaukee on Aug. 28. For more information on this, the student showcase and more from the Dojo, visit its Facebook page


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