Copper Toxicity

Jun. 22, 2008
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My mother was recently diagnosed with Copper Toxicity Syndrome.  Shortly after, I was diagnosed with the same.  As we undergo detox and research the subject, we find that so many conditions could have a root cause of copper toxicity.  Some more common ailments that could be helped by detoxing copper are: Autism, depression, migraines, PMS, allergies, insomnia, ADHD and more.  

I wanted to share an article with you on the subject since it is such a common problem and rarely diagnosed:


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             Do you know anyone who suffers from headaches, fatigue, insomnia, depression, skin rashes, spaciness or detachment, learning disorders or premenstrual syndrome?  These can be symptoms of a copper imbalance.  It is an extremely common nutritional imbalance, although it is often overlooked, in part because it is not always simple to detect.
                        Copper is an essential trace mineral that is vitally important for both physical and mental health.  It has been studied for years, including at government laboratories.  However, its importance for health is still largely unappreciated.  The following article is an introduction to the large subject of copper imbalance.  The author is deeply indebted to Dr. Paul C. Eck, an avid copper researcher.


          Copper is critical for energy production in the cells.  It is also involved in nerve conduction, connective tissue, the cardiovascular system and the immune system.  Copper is closely related to estrogen metabolism, and is required for women's fertility and to maintain pregnancy.  Copper stimulates production of the neurotransmitters epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine.  It is also required for monoamine oxidase, an enzyme related to serotonin production.

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