Stream Milwaukee Rapper Sean Smart's Debut Mixtape

Nov. 30, 2015
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Sean Smart isn’t for everyone. The burgeoning Milwaukee MC raps in a coarse, serpentine slither, with the sleazy bravado of a young Yelawolf (minus the air of trailer park that Yelawolf carries). If there are two kinds of rappers, ones that care about “likability” and ones who couldn’t care less, Smart slots cleanly into that second camp. But there’s no denying his raw talent: He raps with real fire, and on every track on his self-titled mixtape debut, he’s a forceful presence, and often a furious one—though he’s at his best when he’s not taking himself too seriously, calling back to Kreayshawn on “Fame” or comparing himself to Walter White on “Breaking Bad.”

You can stream the tape, which features some top-shelf production from Milwaukee fixtures Mike Regal, CAMEone and DMT, below.


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