We know how to draft 'em

Jul. 1, 2008
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A lot of talk over the past few years has centered on Jack Z and how absolutely great the Brewers are at drafting and developing homegrown talent. Apparently, that's not going to end any time soon.

Al at Al's Ramblings had this tidbit:

Two of the best evaluators I know say Milwaukee’s (Class AA) Huntsville club is the best prospect team in the minors. Another says Huntsville has five legitimate starting major-leaguers, and another club rates Huntsville "the best prospect team our scout’s ever seen".--Peter Gammons

This has been alluded to, but this is the exact quote. We're not just talking about Tony Gwynn Jr. level prospects here, my friends (and no offense to Tony, who will spend several years in the majors).

A year ago, it was said we had depleted our system of prospects because we had brought up Parra, Braun, and Gallardo (Believe it or not, having the likes of Ryan Braun and Yovani Gallardo graduate to the Majors – paired with the dealing of Will Inman for no one in particular – doesn’t exactly do wonders for your farm system. With a solid showing in the 2007 MLB Draft, paired with the potential of some of those who remained in a declining system, the Milwaukee Brewers have done a solid job of rebuilding what was a suddenly sparse minor league chain.)

Instead, we have Matt LaPorta and Mat Gamel, top prospects who are getting a lot of attention:

Matt LaPorta, The Next Ryan Braun?

Matt LaPorta vs Mat Gamel vs Chris Davis

Prospect Watch: Matt LaPorta

Top 50 Prospect List (LaPorta at #2, Gamel at #13)

Controversial Prospect: Mat Gamel

Prospect Watch: Mat Gamel


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