We interupt your CC for a quick Favre hit

Jul. 6, 2008
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Gene Wojciechowski over at ESPN.com is advocating a Packer's shareholder coup in favor of bringing back Favre.

There are a lot of pot-shots and name-calling, including this tidbit:

It all makes sense until you ask a simple, essential question: "Is my team better or worse with Brett Favre at quarterback?"  That's it. Nothing else should matter. Thompson's job is to construct the best possible Packers roster. And if he thinks Rodgers is better than Favre, then Thompson needs to submit his resignation yesterday.

Though there's veiled insults for Favre, too:

Thompson ought to be in Hattiesburg, Miss., right now, asking ... no, begging Favre to return. Whatever it takes -- ride shotgun on Favre's tractor, wear Wrangler jeans, spring for the worms at the local bait and tackle store -- Thompson should do it. This can't be about agendas, egos, strategic plans, salary caps or Rodgers. If Favre had done what everyone expected him to do earlier this year -- announce he was coming back in 2009 -- Rodgers still would be on the bench. And anyway, if the Packers are so thrilled with Rodgers' potential, why exactly did they draft Brian Brohm in the second round and Matt Flynn in the seventh?


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