Bush/McClung platoon

Jul. 9, 2008
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I can't say as I've ever heard of anything like this, but Brew Town Beat is reporting that the Brewers are considering using a platoon in the starting rotation:

"In an interesting turn of events, on WSSP's Doug Russell show this morning Adam McCalvy indicated that when Jeff Suppan returns the Brewers are leaning towards a six man rotation. To pull this off, Seth McClung and Dave Bush would share the 5th starter role with McNasty pitching on the road and Bush at home."

It's an interesting thought, for sure. Certainly Bushie's stats would say that you never want him to start on the road if you can avoid it. But it certainly seems questionable in terms of consistency and routine for the two pitchers. We're always hearing about how important it is for them to work through the same routine every 5 days. Both McClung and Bush have been streaky and are playing way above their expectancy at this point. It would make me seriously nervous to mess with their "mojo" at all.

McClung was streakiest when he came out of the bullpen, so I fear putting him back in the reliever role - but it might not be a bad idea to at least see what he's got since Mota has blown up.


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