Mad Kids Does Late Night Hype Justice

Jul. 9, 2008
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Nothing could replace the Late Night Hype Show, one of the longest running rap radio programs in the country. With unmistakable character, that 10-year WMSE staple was a tireless advocate of underground, classic and Midwest hip-hop. But the Kid Cut Up and DJ Madhatter-hosted show that succeeded the Late Night Hype Show, which they now call Mad Kids, has quickly come into its own.

While still giving airtime to the East Coast, DJ Premier-styled hip-hop the Late Night guys loved so much, the Mad Kids DJs have expanded the playlist ever so slightly, and with their mixing skills theyve brought a swifter pace to the program. A typical block from this Tuesdays program included bangers from Felt, Big L and the Wu-Tang Clanit was brilliant radio. Like the Late Night Hype Show before it, Mad Kids is the type of essential radio program you plan your drives around.


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