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Dogfish Head Brewery Has a Crush on Music

Apr. 12, 2016
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If you don’t know about Dogfish Head Brewery...I’ll wait here. Go buy some beer, come back, drink it and continue reading. 

Ahh..ok, ready? Sam Calagione, President and Founder of Dogfish Head Brewery (DHB) is like many of us in the fact that he loves music. DHB have made an official beer for Record Store Day (April 16th).

Before we get into the beer, how many of you know about Record Store Day (RSD)? I knew about it, I know what vinyl is and how our music has changed over the years. I’ve seen the rise and fall of cassettes AND CD’s. Well, RSD is a day to celebrate records and usually record stores around the U.S. throw a party. I took to the hard streets of Bay View to talk to the guys behind Acme Records & Rush Mor Records prior to the big day.


There is a very chill vibe in Acme Records with Ken behind the counter and Penny, the dog, by the door. I asked Ken what he thought of RSD and he simply replied, “Record Store Day is everyday.” That is very hard to argue with, but he did express concern about the pressing plants getting backed up in order to get mostly re-released material out on the shelves in time, which makes it more expensive for smaller bands to get their music pressed. But in the spirit of the day, Ken will be hosting local bands that will be playing all day along with having food and beer starting at noon. 

I usually ask people what their desert island beers are but instead I asked about Ken’s all time favorite albums. I bet you want to know, so here they are:

The Kinks - The Village Green Preservation Society 

Charles Mingus - Presents

The Feelies - Good Earth

Muddy Waters - Folk Singer 

Bob Dylan - Blood On the Tracks

I went a little further down KK to Rush Mor Records I got a chance to talk to Bill about RSD. I learned that Rush Mor has been around for 45 years, owned by Dan & Bill for the last 25. Though Bill doesn’t like beer, he does have a cute dog in store as well, named Wolfgang. Bill is excited for the day and to celebrate. Rush Mor usually has special edition shirts, food, fun, and (of course) music. 

Bill’s top five albums would be:

Lee Scratch Perry - Super Ape 

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

DJ Shadow - Endtroducing 

Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes 

Bad Brains - Eye Against Eye


Now let’s talk about the beer! Beer To Drink Music To is the official title of the DFHs Belgian Tripel. The beer has notes of orange peel, peppercorn, candi sugar (Belgian sugar), and cardamom. The ingredients are inspired by the following music: Orange Crush by REM, Sgt. Pepper by the The Beatles, Sugar on My Tongue by The Talking Heads, and Mock Song by Phish.

As Sam puts it, “The enjoyment of a beautiful beer with an amazing album at the same is an exponentially awesome experience.” Sam Calagione says. “The beer is purposely built for this ideal.” Seems to me Sam is building a beer moment.

There is an official poster which can be purchased along with a four pack at most liquor stores. And what is the day without a special edition Crosley turntable? It features a built-in stereo speakers and 3 speeds. They are available for purchase at and some will even be given away at DFH Events. There is also a special DFH compilation to be released on Record Store Day. The track list was curated by Sam himself.

Dogfish Head has made The Sugar Maple an official party spot celebrating all that is beer and records. The party starts around 2pm on April 16, with the WI Sales Manager for DFH, Dillon Beyer, on the ones and twos (that’s the right time to say that, right?) There will be awesome packages from DFH being raffled off and of course I got you the tap list- sheesh, I’m not an amateur.

On tap:

            Beer To Drink Music To - Belgian Tripel

            Bitches Brew - Imperial Stout

            FORT - Fruit Beer (18%)!!

            Romantic Chemistry - IPA

            Palo Santo - Imperial Brown Ale

            60 Minute - IPA

            Namaste - Witbier


The Sugar Maple is also offering a dollar off to those who make purchases at Acme Records & Rush Mor on Record Store Day. I hope to see your pretty faces at the Sugar Maple on April 16!

As always, if you hate it, love it or need more info, email me:


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