How to Date a Beer Snob

It’s Harder Than It Seems, Maybe?

May. 17, 2016
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If I’m being honest, the last person you want relationship advice from is me. My dating history is like a bunch of ill-fitting store returns I waited too long to take back. So when Evan, my boyfriend, asked if he could write something for Girl Meets Beer, I asked him what he would write about? What could a guy with less beer knowledge than me write about for a beer blog? The only thing I can’t. Simply, how to date a beer snob. 

Generally, I think of myself as a person who is private about their relationship. There MIGHT be one or two pictures of us together, ever, and maybe one on Facebook. I also consider this a good thing. Though what he wrote isn’t entirely overly personal, I think he makes some good points on what it’s like to date someone heavily interested in beer and that may or may not be in “the industry”. Let’s hear him out...shall we?

Dating a beer snob can be … let’s say interesting. Being a part of a beer fanatic’s life can be absolutely amazing, from going to beer tastings and trying some obscure rare bomber I never would have gotten my hands on to just talking about beer. That said, there are a few pitfalls you can stumble into. That’s why I’m here—to help you dodge those obstacles (three specifically) so you can focus on the normal torrent of ups and downs all couples have to deal with.

1. Gifts

Gifts are an important part of any relationship. I know what you’re thinking; “I’ll just get him/her beer stuff, right?” Wrong. That is what everyone is going to be getting your significant other. Books, bottle openers, six-pack holders and glassware are all go-tos for people that don’t know your beer snob as well as you do. You can do better. Plus, your significant other (SO) probably already knows exactly what he/she wants along those lines and already has plans to buy it. There’s nothing like buying the perfect gift and then having your SO walk in the door four days before his/her birthday with the same gift (trust me, I speak from personal experience).

Surprisingly, beer itself is always great. Very few people will risk buying beer for someone who’s obsessed in fear of getting something your partner doesn’t like. Listen to me because this next part is important: Buying a beer for your SO, even if they don’t like it, is not a bad thing. What matters is that they got to try a new beer. In fact, the ones they don’t like are the ones they are going to remember the most! After you choose beer as a gift, just steer clear from it entirely. Making a coupon for an extra special date (beer included of course) or getting something else you know your loved one needs will surprise him/her because it will probably be the only non-beer present received. 

2. Don’t be afraid because you feel you don’t know anything

This one is pretty simple. A good beer snob SO will likely want your knowledge about beer and your palette to expand and change. The best way for you to do that is to ask questions, take a stab at describing a beer you just tasted or just look and listen. If your SO gets annoyed that you lack knowledge about the thing they are obsessed with … it might be time to look for a new special someone. Not to be harsh, but most people, including myself, would rather be with someone who educates rather than ridicules.

 3. “I can’t handle a fifth beer event this month! What do I do?”

Take a deep breath. You don’t have to go. I’ll say that again: You do not have to go to another beer event. Your SO went to beer events before you all by himself/herself and handled it just fine. In fact, they probably enjoyed it in a different way, and the best way to remind them of that is by choosing to opt out of going as a couple. It’s not your job to take on a beer obsession just because you’re dating someone who has one. It’s important to maintain your own identity within the relationship. Plus if he/she is gone for the day, you get the house to yourself and can catch up on some much needed alone time after going to four beer events in one month! 

There you have it—a quick how-to guide for dating a beer snob. I will let you get back to your regularly scheduled beer blog with one final bonus tip: Don’t call your beer snob a beer snob. They tend to get grumpy.

Thanks Evan for your helpful hints on how to date beer snobs. Though I can’t speak for everyone...I don’t mind “beer snob”. It’s hipster I don’t like! As always, let me know if you love or hate it by emailing me at , Facebook and Twitter


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