The Curious Acting Career of Method and Red

Jul. 17, 2008
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Of all the acts playing the Rock the Bells festival in Chicago tomorrow, Iím easily the most excited for Method Man and Redmanís shared set. To blow off some of anticipation, I was going to post a couple of fun Meth and Red music videos, until I got distracted by how absolutely awful the duoís non-musical collaborations have been.

First, there was their not-particularly-good movie How High:

Which was, of course, but a prelude to their not-particularly-watchable television show:

And then their brand-killing Powerstripe deodorant commercials (which even YouTube wonít touch.

Oh well. So hereís hoping that their show tomorrow focuses more on the (mostly excellent) music they make together, and not their obnoxious two-man comedy bit. Oh: And hereís hoping they fill the stage with large, dancing mascots and, perhaps, monkeys.


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