Murs and 9th Wonder Drop a Freebie

Jul. 23, 2008
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To promote their upcoming album, Murs For President, Murs and 9th Wonder have... released another album. They put Sweet Lord, an unreleased, 10-track collaboration recorded before President, online for free last night.

No big surprises here, but fans of Murray's Revenge know what to expect from hip-hop's chocolate/peanut-butter combo: Lots of quiet-storm-smooth soul samples from 9th and an endless succession of ways-of-the-world raps from Murs, ever the friendly, chatty guy at the end of the bar. 9th's beats bang a little harder this time around, and Murs' heart bleeds a little more profusely (he still gets plenty of action, but this time around he's looking to settle down). "No guns no drugs cuz we just not the type," Murs promises in the intro, "we get you ready for life, we get your ready for love."


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