Again with the Favre

Jul. 23, 2008
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I admit when I'm wrong and it must be said that Favre handled the Hall of Fame induction better than I had anticipated. I had imagined it going differently and was surprised that he went out the side door.

That being said, of course Favre became the main topic of conversation. I had SportsCenter on to see Brewers highlights and caught interviews with Gilbert Brown and LeRoy Butler and both had interesting things to say, I thought:

"Everybody can't sit around thinking about everybody else. I'm a grown man, too. He put his pants on just like me. I ain't got time to worry about him," said Gilbert Brown.

"For the bad things that are going on, if I was Brett, I'd say 'look, it's my fault because I wavered back and forth.' I'd take my punishment I'm going to come into camp, open competition, and see can I win the job. And if they say I'm going to come in on the 27th as a backup, that's fine, I'll earn it," said LeRoy Butler.

Take what you want from them, I just thought they were interesting takes on all of the hoopla.


Today's Journal Sentinel had an long, well-written (I thought) column about the Brett situation.
It's on the front page of the sports section, but is listed as Packers Insider on the website, so I can't link to it. If you can get your hands on the paper, I think it's a really good read on the situation and provides good insight. While it does happen to fall on my side of the argument, that's not why I like it. There's no vitriol, it's not angry like I am. Just a good look at the situation and why McCarthy and Thompson's hands are tied.


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