Terrorist Obama cover nearly doubles New Yorker sales

Jul. 25, 2008
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If you thought that the New Yorker Obama cover was offensive, well, you sure didn’t show it. The magazine is having trouble keeping up with the demand for issues with the controversial cover. The New York Post reports that the typical 43,000 newsstand sales jumped to 75,000.

Though the Post notes that most of the issues go to subscribers, and not newsstanders, it doesn’t point out that this was the first New Yorker cover in quite a while that offered much of a reason to buy the mag. While the latest Us Weekly cover promoted five stories with giant banners like “It was in vitro! The untold story behind Brad and Angelina’s twins,” the latest New Yorker cover was a delightful cartoon about how lobsters don’t want to be eaten.

As the cover cartoons have little to do with the inside content, neither this week’s lobsters nor last week’s Muslim Obama make it into the magazine. But worry not, 22,000 new New Yorker buyers, last week's issue totally made up for it with an extended review of the revival of Bernd Alis Zimmerman’s 1965 opera “Die Soldaten.”


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