The People v. The Big Bad Wolf This Weekend

Feb. 3, 2017
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Back in 1989, Jon Scieszka wrote a clever, little children’s book that told the story of the Three Little Pigs from the first-person perspective of the Big Bad Wolf. In his The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, we get the Wolf’s testimony straight from prison. More recently, Alec Strum and Bill Francoeur developed a children’s courtroom show The Big Bad Musical. Described as “A Howling Courtroom Comedy,” the kid’s theatre show has various fairy tale characters appearing to testify in a class action suit against Mr. Wolf including Little Red Riding Hood, her Grandmother, the Three Little Pigs and the shepherd in charge of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. 

This weekend, the children’s courtroom musical makes it to Racine as E. Motions presents The Big Bad Musical  at the Racine Theatre Guild.  Davidson Kane plays the defendant Wolf. Megan Seager, Ian Anderson and Robert Kroes play the plaintiff pigs. 

The Big Bad Musical runs Feb. 3 - 5 at Racine Theatre Guild on 2519 Northwestern Ave. in Racine. For more information, visit Racine Theatre online


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