How about them Packers?

Nov. 4, 2007
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How about them Packers? November 05, 2007 | 06:59 AM Yesterday's win at Arrowhead was the final notch in one more record for Brett Favre. Kansas City was the one other team in the NFL that Favre had yet to beat. By winning, he joins Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, who both achieved the feat last week, as the only QBs to beat every other team. Congrats, Brett! It was sometimes ugly, sometimes heart stopping and sometimes spectacular, but yesterday's win solidified the Packers as a solid contender for the NFC crown this year. Only New England, having beat Indy to maintain their perfect record, has a better record than the Pack right now. We're sitting pretty on top of the NFC North. Greg Jennings proved that he's Favre's go-to guy. Jennings was on the receiving end of Favre's last few TDs to break the record, he was the game-winner in OT last week and he came up with 2 TDs yesterday, including a 60-yard strike in the 4th quarter that gave the Packers the lead. Despite the numerous penalties (will McCarthy ever address this?), the defense really stepped up yesterday. They kept KC in check the entire first half and came up with two game-changing 2nd half interceptions. Sure, the Badgers have really disappointed this season, but the Packers have more than picked up the slack for Wisconsin football fans. It's always wonderful when your team does well, but there's some extra added excitement when the team performs above expectations. All of this is just like a bonus for Packer fans. It's completely unexpected and altogether wonderful. Nicole


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