Lex Allen Looks to Top 40 Radio on His Latest Single, "Never Look Back"

May. 5, 2017
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lex allen
Photo credit: Amanda Lillian
Lex Allen produced his latest single "Never Look Back" out in Los Angeles, and it certainly sounds like it—it's the kind of slick, radio-minded, big-budget pop single that you won't find many Milwaukee artists attempting. That's in part because it's deceptively hard to pull off a track like this. If you skimp on the production it sounds chintzy; if you overwork it, it sounds tacky, but Allen nails it, ensuring that all those glossy Ed Sheeran guitars and that bombastic beat takes a backseat to his husky, buttery voice, which has never sounded better. Top 40 radio doesn't have any artists remotely like Lex Allen right now, but "Never Look Back" makes the case that it could use one.

You can stream the track, from Allen's upcoming album Table 7 For Sinners & Saints, below.


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