Modjeska Theatre to Host Live Music

Aug. 26, 2008
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Exciting news from the Miramar Theatre camp: William Stace, manager of the Miramar, announced today that he'll begin booking shows at the Modjeska Theatre, on 1134 W. Historic Mitchell St. The first will be a comedic celebration of Polish culture on Oct. 18, the "Three Poles Walk Into a Bar Comedy Tour," featuring music from the Happy Schnapps Combo. 

Despite its location in an increasingly populated south side neighborhood, the Modjeska has been mostly dark in recent years, save for youth productions and oddities like the Halloween-themed "Illusions in the Night" show (which is well placed given the Modjeska's reputation for being haunted).

It's always good to see a historic theater put to good use. Now here's hoping we get some good news from the Avalon Theater soon, too.


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