Dowsing for Health

Aug. 27, 2008
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Wow, I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since my last post.  Summer has kept me busy.  I have been researching something new and different (to me), to say the least. Dowsing for health.

My son has been plagued by headaches until recently.  They began in October 2007 (or, at least this was Ben's first mention).  They varied in intensity, ranging from bad to migraine, when I would have to pick him up from school due to vomiting. 

Ben had some degree of a headache daily.  We thought allergies, but winter came and there were no more environmental (hay fever) allergens.  The pediatrician said if Motrin or Tylenol helped, then it was not anything serious.  Some kids just have headaches. 

Sitting back and dosing our child with Tylenol and Motrin are not my thing.  Letting him suffer did not sit well with us any better.  I took Ben to a holistic m.d.  He said it was probably allergies and to bring him back in a couple months.  Again, not agressive enough.  I believed the doctors when they said "it can't be anything too bad if Tylenol gets rid of it."  I did not want Ben to undergo a lot of tests if they were probably not going to show anything anyway.  We was coming to the end of the list of options.

Well, I brought Ben to my chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Strong up in Neenah.  He has been working with me nutritionally, with muscle testing (Nutritional Response Testing, subject of a previous blogpost).  We found that Ben had parasites and scars that were "jazzing his neurological responses."

A couple days after treating Ben with the nutritional supplements, he said his stomachache was gone.  I never knew he had one.  I don't know that Ben knew it either until it was gone.  I think he must have had it his entire life of 6 years.  The supplements were definitely working on the parasites. 

The scars, however, were another matter.  I was not comfortable with the treatment of his circumcision scar, which was topical application of wheat germ oil and cold laser therapy.  I did not know what I was going to do, and then a friend called to let me know what she had been up to... Dowsing.

My friend confirmed with her pendulum that Ben's headaches were caused by the scars. I told her my misgivings about the treatment options.  She told me she could try to break down the scar tissue by dowsing with the pendulum.  She attempted it.  Ben's headache cleared for 2 days.  He got it back again.  I called her again, and she found that Ben had a thought pattern that contributed to the headache.  She broke that down by dowsing.  About a week later Ben had another headache.  My friend determined that Ben had a belief that was causing the headache (Ben was used to being sick, so his belief was he had to be sick).  Again, she broke down the belief by dowsing.

Ben has been without major headaches now for about 6 weeks.  He is off his allergy medication, which wasn't helping anyway.  The scars are not registering as a problem anymore during Nutrition Response Testing.  Nothing else we tried had worked, and Dowsing did.  It was quite miraculous, and I wanted to share this experience with anyone who has run into a dead end while looking for a medical diagnosis.

I am such a believer that I took a class a week ago to learn how to dowse for myself.  My next blogpost will give you some information about that.


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