I totally forgot

Oct. 11, 2007
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I totally forgot October 12, 2007 | 03:22 PM To put up my first ever Friday Random Ten. You put your iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs that come up. No cheating! I finally joined the 21st century last weekend and bought an iPod, which is part of the reason I've been slow on posting. I can assure you that this will be very embarassing for me at some point, but today I come off looking ok: 1 - Keith Urban "Tonight I Wanna Cry" 2 - Garth Brooks "Do What you Gotta Do" 3 - The Temptations "My Girl" 4 - Marvin Gaye "Keep on Dancin" 5 - Cowboy Mouth "How Do You Tell Someone" 6 - Blessid Union of Stars "Humble Star" 7 - Dave Matthews Band "Bartender" 8 - The Offspring "Something to Believe In" 9 - The Muppets "Happiness Hotel" 10 - David Grey "Please Forgive Me" Feel free to list yours in the comments. Nicole


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