Kill the Cell Phones

Sep. 19, 2008
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Ever cut off at the intersection by some idiot driver on his cell phone? Annoyed by some jerk babbling his personal business loudly into a cell phone at the supermarket? Then you might share the sentiment manifested in Mobile. The recent British television series, out in October on DVD, concerns an elaborate conspiracy to blow up cell phone transmission towers. But as happens in any prolonged campaign of terrorism, people begin to die.

For me, the main reason for tuning in was actor Michael Kitchen, who recently stared in the World War II era police series Foyle's War. Here he is the disgruntled ex-communications executive with a personal and professional grudge against the smarmy blackguards of his increasingly globalized industry. What at first seems unlikely and convoluted in Mobile gradually comes together in an unconventionally constructed plot, which doubles and triples back on itself, supplying more information each time out. Be patient. The story gets more and more intriguing as it gathers speed.


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