The drinking age

By Mark
Sep. 19, 2008
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Over 100 Deans from universities around the country argee the 21 year drinking age does not work. I argee 100%, some say it should go back to 18 like me, others say 19 to keep it out of high schools....yeah that never worked when I was in High School no matter what anyone says. Mothers against drunk drivers has done a great job bringing awareness to the drinking and drving issue but they still want to keep the drinking age at 21. In some countries people learn to drink before they can drive, that's not a bad idea either. If you can buy pot, coke, heroin or whatever on the streets how hard do you think it is to get a six pack of beer? What are your thoughts? Keep it at 21 or lower the age to 18?


The debate over replacing Obamacare has exposed some of the problems and difficulties with America’s current healthcare system. Do you believe the debate has made the country more likely to adopt a single-payer system?

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