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Sep. 21, 2008
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Look, I'm not cheering and/or excited when people get injured. But I'm also so close to my first baseball playoffs that I can taste it.

Therefore, it's with a happy heart that I report that Mets infielder Damion Easley is out for at least a week with and injured quad. Early reports are saying that he's at least a week from even being able to pinch hit. Easley's possible replacements are a rookie and a guy who just returned from the DL - nothing but good news for the Brewers there. Easley was hitting .272 with six home runs and 44 RBIs in 108 games.

This news came a day after it was reported Fernando Tatis has a separated shoulder and is done for the season. Tatis was hitting .297 with 11 home runs and 47 RBIs after having been called up from the minors. His bat is a big loss for their offense.

Here's hoping these guys get extremely healthy in the off-season!


The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear the case to determine if Wisconsin Republicans’ redistricting maps are too partisan. Do you believe the U.S. Supreme Court will order Wisconsin to redraw our legislative maps so the majority of legislative districts are competitive and voters will actually have a real choice between a Democrat and Republican?

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