Cheap Album Round-Up: Brady St. Rummage Sale Edition

Sep. 22, 2008
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I struck unassuming gold Saturday when I followed a sad, hand-written sign taped to garbage can on Brady Street that said "Rummage Sale in Back." The household was selling a small but choice collection of '90s-ish indie-punk-emo records, including long-ago favorites of mine like the Dr. Frank solo album (Show Business is My Life, 75 cents), the lone Hoover LP (75 cents), and that pretty good first Jets to Brazil album (75 cents). For a combined $2.75, I picked up the following:

The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good (1997, 75 cents):
Remember that one video where the colorfully clad guys in The Promise Ring play football? That song is here, along with a bunch of other happy memories.

Junior Senior - D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat (2003, 75 cents):

The Dismemberment Plan/Juno (2001, 75 cents):
I don't remember either of the bands on this split EP being this bad. The D-Plan's spaz-rap "The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich," in particular, is utterly awful, but then again, consistency was never that band's M.O.

The Pacers - Brand New Day (7-inch, 50 cents):
Someday, if '90s third-wave ska revival ever booms again, I'm going to sell this Milwaukee relic at a serious profit.


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