Organizers Deem Foward Music Festival a Success

Sep. 28, 2008
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I wasn't able to attend, so I'm reporting from second-hand accounts here, but from what I've read online the Forward Music Festival, an ambitious weekend-long, multi-venue music festival in Madison, Wis., was a greatsuccess. The festival, which featured Neko Case, Bob Mould, Mason Jennings, Dan Deacon and the Dillinger 4, debuted the weekend of Sept. 19 and its organizers are tentatively planning a repeat next year. 

"We're still debriefing 2008 to figure out what 2009 will look like," co-organizer Kyle Pfister, of the blog JustSayinIsAll, writes me, "but we hope FMF is able to be an annual tradition." 

If, when the books are finished up and the numbers are tallied, the Forward Music Festival turned a profit, then it's never too soon for Milwaukee to start considering its own equivelent of the festival. Anybody up to the challenge of putting Milwaukee's promoters in a room together to try to work this out? Anybody?


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