Bench Corey Hart

Oct. 1, 2008
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After Hart's inning ending groud-into-double-play (GIDP) is there any excuse Sveum can give to justify Corey not only being in the lineup but batting 6th?

Anyone who was driving home from work, as I was, and listening to the radio - did you hear how absolutely dissapointed and disgusted Bob Uecker sounded? He just sounded defeated when he pointed out that Corey swung at the first pitch and GIDP.

For anyone who didn't see it. After Mike Cameron struck out, Ray Durham walked on 4 straight balls. Ryan Braun hit a double off the wall - off the bat, Uecker thought it was a home run. Prince Fielder was intentionally walked. JJ Hardy walked on 5 pitches.

Corey Hart walked up and swung on the first pitch. GIDP. Inning over. Rally killed.

There are those that think we shouldn't play Tony Gwynn Jr or Brad Nelson in right because of the drop-off defensively. The number of runs/offense Corey has cost in 3 straight games should far out-weigh the defensive drop.

If someone doesn't ask Dale Sveum why Corey has the plate discipline of my basset hound, I give up!





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