LSU is #1

Sep. 30, 2007
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LSU is #1 October 01, 2007 | 02:03 PM And while I'm doubly happy, both because LSU is #1 and because stinkin' USC finally isn't, the whole makes me a little bitter. For weeks Wisconsin has lost ground in the polls because of lackluster performances against bad teams. Now LSU goes into halftime against Tulane (frickin' Tulane!)* leading 10-9 and jumps into first place. I feel this is a little unfair. * I can't express for you my dislike of all things Tulane. My small little Jesuit school in New Orleans shared a fence with Tulane, along with a bitter dislike of each other. The hate is palpable and very, very junvenile, but what can you do? Nicole


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