Oh Corey

Oct. 2, 2008
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It's late, I've been all over town looking for Packers gear and I have a long 2 days to come, but I was just reading over at Brewer Fan and poster cracklins has coined the best term for Corey Hart's at bats:

premature e-bat-ulation


Also, while Prince called himself "garbage" to the post-game media, Corey finally voiced what we all already know:

Hart was surrounded by reporters after the game. He was asked a kinder version of "What in the world were you thinking?"

"It's easy for people to sit back and look at it," Hart said. "It's a little different when you're going out and doing it."
"Nothing is working right now with a lot of the guys," Hart said. "We're trying to see pitches and see what we can do. ... I'm not going to sit there and walk, though. I'll eventually find it, and hopefully we'll still be in it."

Spectacular, Corey. Absolutely ridiculous answer, but thank you for proving us all right. Between your complaining about the fans, your complete second-half meltdown (remember kids, this guy was an All-Star),  your mediocre-at-best bunting and your ability to single-handedly kill any and all rallies and now your Ned Yostian smart-assed answers to the media, I'm wondering why you're even on the team. Your comments prove that you couldn't care less about the team. You don't care about getting on base or scoring runs, you seem to only care about what you want. If this approach is as selfish as it seems, it might be time to reevaluate - your numbers certainly aren't climbing and you're not winning any fans.

Need you be reminded that the only run scored until the 7th inning was via the walk. In fact, 3 of the 5 guys that came to the plate in the first inning walked. We scored a run and loaded the bases almost entirely on walks. Clearly walks aren't at all the way to play the game.

Because, you know, in the first inning, if you had taken a walk, we'd have scored another run. And had the bases loaded with only one out. So it's not too far of a stretch to say that we could have blown the game open and even possibly chased Brett Myers from the game. Yes, that would be the same Myers who's at bat and subsequent walk in the 3rd inning kept the inning going, eventually leading to the Grand Slam that won the game for Philly.

But no, Corey, it's good that you don't take walks. How very aggressive and forward thinking of you. We're lucky you're such a team player.

As if you haven't been enough of an offensive detriment, now you've given every pitcher the right to never throw you a strike.

Long-time Brewer fans will recall Chuckie Carr's infamous "Chuckie hacks" quote. * Not sure how this differs too much. Of course, Chuckie was off the team shortly thereafter.... I'm just sayin'...

*From Wikipedia: Carr is perhaps remembered most for his hasty departure from the Brewers in 1997. After popping out to third base on a two balls, no strike count - Carr was questioned by manager Phil Garner. Carr reportedly replied to Garner by saying in third person: 'That ain't Chuckie's game. Chuckie hacks on 2-0.' He was released from the club shortly thereafter.


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