Brett Favre Madness

Sep. 30, 2007
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Brett Favre Madness October 01, 2007 | 01:43 PM I've kept away from blogging on the entity that is Brett Favre because even those living under rocks have heard that he broke the record yesterday. However, what kind of fan would I be if I didn't at least mark the occasion. First things first, this is a spectacular database that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel put together to start of this season. I should have linked to it earlier, but it fell between the cracks. You can search through every TD he's thrown by yards, receiver, opponent, stadium ... etc. Any breakdown you want to see, it's here.'s game recap, and here Len Pasquarelli's column's breakdown of where Favre ranks among the best. Another column Some picture galleries here, here, here and here. Don Banks' column on Monday Morning QB's>href="">'s recap Nicole


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