Gallery Night Openings

Oct. 14, 2008
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Here are a few gallery openings which we weren't able to include in the print issue of the paper.  Here's a link to the print listings.

Paper Boat Gallery and Boutique

2375 S. Howell Ave.

Prints by Kimberly Weiss (Milwaukee) and Joseph Rizzo (Minneapolis)

Opening reception Oct. 17, 7-10 p.m.

Exhibition runs through Nov. 23

MIAD graduate Kimberly Weiss’ organic images of plant and animal life are unsettling and intimate. The work presented here is from a series titled “Tough Knots, Bad Landings” and comprised of mixed media pieces sometimes contained by and sometimes spilling out of their decorative oval frames to create heaving auras of commingling forms. They recall the homely, decorative quality of William Morris textiles invested with uncanny undertones. Joseph Rizzo meanwhile turns his gaze outward, towards the political and social constructs of man. His images combine symbolic motifs, graphic-novel sensibilities and satirical caricatures.

Tory Folliard Gallery

233 N. Milwaukee St.

“Open Lands: A Survey of Contemporary Landscape Paintings”

Reception Oct. 17, 5-9 p.m.

Runs through Nov. 15

Whether it’s the pulsating “vibrascapes” of Harold Gregor, Ahzad Bogosian’s grassy verges basking under weighty skies or Rodger Bechtold’s bold vistas and sun-drenched barns, the 11 artists represented in this exhibition find myriad ways to explore the Midwestern landscape. Robert Cocke and John Sartoro make a gallery debut, the former known for his small acrylic panels of enchanted landscapes and the latter for his energetic brushstrokes that streak and swirl against a canvas as textured as the environment it depicts. Other artists included in the exhibit are Daniel Chafee, Fred Easker, Kathy Hoffman, Keith Jacobshagen, Cathy Morton and James Winn.

Water Buffalo

249 N. Water St.

Eduardo Villanueva

Oct. 17

UWM Grad Eduardo Villanueva, whose colorful murals grace such establishments as Anonna Bistro and the Tory Folliard Gallery, shows 19 piece - including four new pieces – at Water Buffalo, the popular third ward eatery/ art salon starting Oct. 17.

Armoury Gallery

1718 N. First St., 3N3

“In Contour”

Reception Oct. 17, 5 -10 p.m.

Runs through Nov. 15

Through an elaborate process of cutting, pasting and drawing the three artists presented in this show rearrange the world around them and open it to new interpretation. Sonja Peterson’s elaborate paper cutouts create an intricate network of positive and negative spaces against boldly painted backgrounds. Paul Kjelland’s images, an agglomeration of diverse media and textures, echo the shifting planes of a city in flux. Julia Schilling draws inspiration from topographical maps to create works that explore the means by which we situate ourselves within and navigate our way around the world.

White Whale Collective

835 W. National Ave.

The work of Emiliano Lake-Herrara

Reception 7-11 p.m.

Emiliano Lake-Herrera’s colorful, primitivist-style paintings combines the myth and ritual of folkloric history with religious iconography. On opening night his work will be presented in conjunction with a night of spoken word – an apt accompaniment considering theoral traditions that have served to disseminate the folklore his work alludes to. Spoken word artists that will be performing on opening night include Shelly Davis, Dan Vaughn, Darlin' Nikki,Joshua the Scribe, Patrice Downey, Bobby Drake, andRemy 'The Gambit.

UWM Golda Mier Library’s Art History Gallery

An Leabhar Mr/ The Great Book of Gaelic

Reception Oct. 17, 5-7 p.m. at the Golda Mier Library 4th Floor Conference Center

Runs through December

The unifying abilities of art and poetry find an engaging embodiment in An Leabhar Mor/ The Great Book of Gaelic – a contemporary take on the Book of Kells that celebrates the Gaelic linguistic, mythological, calligraphic, poetic and visual traditions that unite Ireland and Scotland. The book includes 100 Gaelic poems dating from the 6th century to today, each of which has been inscribed upon handmade paper by a team of calligraphers and accompanied by visual responses to the poetry by contemporary artists from Ireland and Scotland. As well as being part of a poetic anthology spanning 1500 years of Gaelic culture and history each of the pages is a work of art in its own right and will be on view through December.

Portrait Society Gallery

“Rudy Rotter: We are Family”
207 E. Buffalo, Suite 526
Marshall Building, Third Ward

Opening reception Oct. 17, 6 - 9 p.m.

Through Jan. 9

Once again proving its commitment to reevaluating the “outsider” position proffered to self-taught artists, the Portrait Society presents the figurative wood carvings and works on paper by Rudy Rotter. One can only imagine the creative fervor that gripped the Manitowoc dentist in his late forties, prompting him to create more than 15, 000 pieces of art and earning him the status of one of the most prolific artists in Wisconsin. In this, the first gallery show of Rudy’s work since his death, viewers have an opportunity to discern for themselves the thrust behind this frenetic output. Milwaukee artist Michael Davidson has co-curated the exhibit as well as writing an essay for the catalog that accompanies the show. Also, "sketch" artists will be on hand to make portraits of visitors at the opening reception.


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