The Milwaukee Rep and people born after 1968

Oct. 24, 2008
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Dealing with a fluctuating economy and all of the other concerns of contemporary theatre, The Milwaukee Rep has been doing various things to try to make its high-end shows more affordable. Notably, it has extended an offer to those of us born after 1968: the under 40 discount. Starting this year, all the Rep’s shows at the Quadracci Powerhouse Theatre are $10 for people under 40. This make the Rep that much more competitive with smaller, less expensively priced theatre companies to all those in the Generation X/Y demographics. It’s surprising that the Rep hasn’t spent more time promoting this. It’s $9 to see a movie . . . one that you’d probably have to drive to the suburbs to get to unless you’re seeing something at one of the local Landmark Theatres on the East Side. The Quadracci’s right downtown on Water Street, with plenty of access to bars and nightclubs after the show without even having to move the car. Sounds like even high-end, indigenously produced theatre is starting to become competitive with mass-market media. It'd be nice if other companies were able to match this . . . there's a pretty large younger audience for live theatre that imply hasn't been atending that often. If properly harnessed, this could hekp out local theatre companies of every financial level. Cool. I hope it works.




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