CC rumblings

Oct. 26, 2008
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Via Brew Crew Ball:

C.C. Sabathia Rumors: Monday

David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a C.C. Sabathia rumor:

The figure I’m hearing that Milwaukee might offer C.C. $100 million for four years. They’re hoping that by going with fewer years and more per year, they can keep him. He’s indicated to friends a serious interest in staying there, he liked it so much.  The Brewers might help their chances of signing him if they pick up the option on Mike Cameron, who’s a good friend of CC’s.

With Cameron, the Brewers figure to have over $70MM committed (not including Chris Capuano).  It's hard to see the Brewers backloading an already huge $25MM salary to Sabathia, so they'd probably have to take payroll to the mid $90MM range to fit him in.  Keeping Cameron and Sabathia would seem to limit roster construction - it could necessitate a Prince Fielder or J.J. Hardy trade, or leave little money for third base or the bullpen.


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