JS' Tom Haudricourt says it will be Macha, so does SI

Oct. 28, 2008
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This is hearsay, but I'm passing it on:

"Haudicourt on 540 ESPN just said on the D-List that Macha is basically all done except for the press conference. Said that both Melvin and Macha have contacted Jason Kendell. Also stated which I think is more interesting that Mike Maddox, Bill Castro, Ed Sedar have all signed contract extentions, and Dale Sveum will likely be named the bench coach. "

These are quotes from Tom H's D-List yesterday:
"I mean, they'll move fast...I mean, as I wrote this morning, I'm pretty sure they have their man in Ken Macha. I've got all kinds of strong indications that he's the guy and I don't really see a change of heart coming over these next few days."
...(his last line)"I'm sure we're gonna have one [announcement] by the end of the week, one way or another".

New contracts for Billy Castro, Ed Sedar, and Mike Maddux?
"I think that's a done deal. The Brewers aren't announcing it, but I think that's done, I think those three guys are done. And I really believe Dale Sveum coming back as the bench coach or the 3rd base coach is fairly a done deal too." "I think Macha''s agreed to a kind of pre-arranged staff".

On Jason Kendall (and his criticism of Macha in the past)
"I gotta believe Doug Melvin looked into that and reconciled it in his mind"

Of course, there's also been reports on Chicago radio that they've already named Brenly's replacement in anticipation of his taking the Brewers' manager job. Of course, later reports added an IF to the Brenley/Sutcliffe situation.

Either way, the managerial situation is definitely interesting...

Over at SI.com, Jon Heyman's column not only talks about CC, but says there's scuttlebutt at the WS about the Brewers' managerial spot:

"Jimmy Rollins, a friend of superstar free-agent pitcher CC Sabathia dating back to their upbringing outside Oakland, Calif., and one of the best prognosticators in the game considering his lofty and correct predictions for his own Phillies, didn't hesitate when I asked him where he thought Sabathia would wind up.   

"New York, American League,'' Rollins, an Alameda, Calif. product, said. "They've got enough money, and they need him.''


It's becoming the prevailing opinion around baseball that the Vallejo product Sabathia will become a Yankee, though it's too early to tell for sure whether that belief originates from wishful thinking on the part of Sabathia's handlers, the union or fellow players. Sabathia's agent, Scott Parker, didn't return a call, but the general consensus is that Sabathia's people would naturally prefer that their client maximize his take, which would very likely mean he'd go to the Yankees, who will presumably be the high bidder. And as one baseball person remarked, "I've never seen guys leave money on the table.''


Still, a couple others think that Sabathia won't let the difference of a few dollars -- even possibly $20 million or more -- keep him away from his native California, especially with the Angels and Dodgers seen as likely bidders. If there's one guy who could turn down the loot, some see that person as Sabathia. But folks with that stance appear to be dwindling now.


Some estimates suggest that Sabathia could receive $160 million as a Yankee but maybe $120 million or so if he insisted on going home (or close to home). The small-market Brewers are planning to make a run, as well, but they still have to be seen as a long shot since they can offer neither the most money nor the chance to go home -- though Sabathia did say he loved being a Brewer."



"Macha may be the man for Brewers


The World Series scuttlebutt is that Ken Macha is the favorite to land the Brewers managerial gig, followed by Willie Randolph. Everyone here at the Series seems to know that Bob Brenly had a bad interview in Milwaukee, which may knock him out of the running. If Macha is hired he may need to repair things with catcher Jason Kendall, a prominent member of the A's when Macha was fired there amidst rumors that he wasn't getting along with his boss or the players."



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