A Couple Quick Words on Pigbag

Oct. 28, 2008
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We last heard this conversation a couple years ago, when !!!-styled dance-punk was in vogue, but with the rise of worldly, tribal-leaning indie bands like Yeasayer and Gang Gang Dance, both of which come through Milwaukee in the next week, it's time once again to take a quick moment to recognize what an underrated band Pigbag was.

Odious band name aside, this early '80s British group was an anomaly, a collective of pissy punks who started an uptempo jazz-funk group, with an emphasis on booming African percussion. It was as if Herbie Hancock had somehow inherited the Pop Group and done everything he could to make them dance-floor palatable.

Pigbag was short-lived, but they left behind one sort of hit, the super-sized "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag," a rally that would become a favorite at British sports events, for obvious reasons.

That song is eclipsed, however, by a follow-up leaner, more nimble follow-up single, "Sunny Day," one of my all-time favorites from the eraa handclap-spackled song with one of the funkiest piano breakdowns ever.

Alright, we got that over with. Now go back to your Yeasayers and Celebrations and Gang Gang Dances.


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