Jack Black Takes a Nasty Fall

Nov. 2, 2008
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Jack Black got a little bit too into his Tenacious D act last night at the U.S. Cellular Arena, and while exposing his belly in service of comedy, the distracted actor took a nasty spill off the side of the stage. It wasn't one of those comical, Chris Farley falls, either. It made a chilling, microphone-echoed thump, and the audience briefly fell silent when it became clear Black wasn't joking. Black quickly got back on his feet, though, and after finishing the song he quipped about the moment ending up on YouTube, and, like clockwork, here's the video:

Black returned to the stage several times after the Tenacious D set, dueting with co-headliners Crosby & Nash and the Beastie Boys. He often returned to the scene of his fall, stepping to the fringes of the stage with exaggerated caution, eliciting loud cheers from the audience.

So who wants to take bets on how long it will be until TMZ picks up this video?


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