Occupational Therapist for ASD Children Recommendation

Nov. 10, 2008
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For anyone who is looking for an excellent Occupational Therapist for a child on the Autism Spectrum, in the Greater Milwaukee area, you might want to consider Ladders to the Puzzle, LLC. 

Karin Larson, OTR, was formerly the head OT at New Berlin Therapies.  She has left that practice to start her own business with business partner June Klees, MSCCCSLP (Speech Therapist).  Their greatest desire is to provide the best Pre- and Post-Intensive Autism Programming possible for children on the spectrum.

Karin was my son's OT for one year.  After 1 year, Ben was released from OT, having progressed 2 years in one year's time (OT + other treatments led to his accelerated progress).  I wholeheartedly recommend Karin and June to help families put the pieces of the Autism puzzle together.

Ladders to the Puzzle

Karin Larson: 414-303-5971

June Klees: 262-364-6056


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