Behind the Pabst Theater Foundation

Nov. 23, 2008
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Cries from rival promoters that the Pabst Theater Foundation is using its deep pockets and non-profit status to monopolize the city's live-music market have been almost entirely drowned out by the enthused cheers from Milwaukeeans who love all the big concerts that the foundation's three venues bring to the city. Feeling cornered, the Pabst Theater Foundation's detractors have often asked for a detailed look at the organization's finances and operating procedures, and while Sunday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report isn't nearly the critical, in-depth expose they'd like to see, for everyone else it is a must-read article that details the day-to-day of the people behind these venues.

In the meantime, look for the continued tensions between the Pabst and competing venues to grow to a boil, especially as the smaller venues wither economic challenges from which the Pabst is largely shielded.


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