Not Your Traditional Adult Christmas Puppet Show

Dec. 3, 2008
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Frosty With An Unidentified Puppet

An email came-in this morning prompting this last-minute addition to the local holiday theatre season. Playwright Neil Haven (who most recently staged a charming comedy about an agoraphobic girl living out of a hotel elevator) has written an adult, indie holiday comedy entitled: Who Killed Santa?

The premise sounds promising: Santa Claus’ annual Christmas party is marred when someone murders him. Now everyone at the party is suspected of the yuletide homicide including Rudolph, Frosty, the Little Drummer Boy and Tiny Tim (presumably the Dickensian character and not the late ukulele playing pop musician.)

And all of the characters are puppets. The press release from Haven suggests a light comic evening of fresh material from a local playwright. As if to challenge himself a bit more Haven has written multiple endings. The audience gets to vote on who murdered Santa.

The show stars some really remarkable talent that probably should know better than to get involved with puppets. Talent includes Bo Johnson, Travis Knight, Rebecca Phillips, Amy Geyser, Sophia Dhaliwal and Nate Press.

The show runs December 12 – 21 at the shiny, new Carte Blanche Studios space on 1024 South 5th street. There are evening and late night hows (7:30 and 10:30 respectively) and  one matinee. Carte Blanche canbe reched at (414) 383-8500 for more info.


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