Patrick Schmitz: Pt. 2 of The Rudolph Trancsripts

Dec. 3, 2008
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When last we left the conversation with comic actor/director/producer Patrick Schmitz, he was discussing the possible misconceptions involved in the title of his preternaturally successful holiday show Rudolph the Pissed-Off Reindeer. He is concerned that people may come to a show with that title may give people the idea that Rudolph would be going on a murderous rampage. Patrick had clarified that while Rudolph does engage in homicide, the homicide in question would not be serious enough to constitute a murderous rampage per se . . .

CLARIFICATION {contains info about the story}

Me: . . . so this is pleasant, family friendly homicide.

Patrick Schmitz: Yes. Of course. There’s no swearing at all. I take pride in the fact that there’s no swearing. I put the title of “pissed-off,” instead of “upset,” or “angry.” I put ”pissed-off” in because to 9 or 10 year-olds, that’s a swear word. And that’s gonna keep them away. That’s going to keep the parents going, “oh, listen: . . . oh, wait . . . never mind. I didn’t read the last part of that.” So the title is going to make parents think, ”this isn’t a play I can bring little Timmy or Cindy to.” If I would’ve rated it, it would be PG-13, but I say “recommended for 16 and older,” just to be safe, because there’s death involved. There’s alcohol. There’s one adult humor comment that’s very subtle . . . I could take that out, but it’s such a funny little bit . . .

Me: But people going in expecting more of a crass humor type thing . . .

Patrick Schmitz: Exactly. Exactly.

Me: But even South Park Imaginationland humor—that’s going too far.

Patrick Schmitz: mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yes. Definitely. And I had . . . someone concerned about the gore factor.

Me: [laugh]

Patrick Schmitz: Gore factor? What gore factor? I mean, I guess there is a little bit, but . . . not anything that’s going to make your stomach turn.

And Rudolph committing homicide.

Patrick Schmitz: Yeah, Gunshots . . . gunshots, but no cutting-up people and shooting them to death. No emptying out an M-16 on somebody or anything. There’s none of that.

Next: Did I mention there are kids in the show? Patrick discusses working with child actors.


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